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For centuries watches and the passionate lovers of brands and designs have never ceased. Nevertheless the craze and desire to own a branded watch have increased tremendously. While there are people who look at a watch as a mere instrument that tells you the time, there are many who actually celebrate it as their endeared asset. These are the segment of people who believe that each timepiece has a value attached to it and that value reflects the personality of the wearer. For a onlooker the basic purpose of a watch is mostly confined to showing the time and in some the dates and days as well. But for a watch enthusiast and for a person who researches more about the qualities of the watch, this is indeed a deeper arena to be pondered.

What are the things to be considered while purchasing a watch? Well either you be a onlooker or a watch enthusiast, just keep yourself clear on the following facts, to have a clear and better understanding about the broader perspective of the “ WATCH”.


Are you passionate about Rolex – Know the real worth:

Rolex is one term that is inevitable when speaking about triwa watches. Though there are mixed comments about the real worth of Rolex, lets have a closer look into both the sides. On one hand there are sets of people who stand against the pricing techniques of Rolex. They say that they do not follow a fair pricing technique; they just limit the production, create demand and then increase the price of the hardly available pieces. This is often considered as paying more for a product than it’s worth. It is purely the economic demand created that you are paying the price for and not for the actual quality. While there are another sector of people who strongly stand with Rolex saying that even though the pieces are limited each of them is crafted with ultimate craftsmanship and the fact there are limited pieces, urges them to own one. Obviously people don’t prefer to be copied or to copy, so according to them paying more for a unique product is not at all a fault.

How to measure the quality of the watch?

Well what makes a watch qualify as a good watch?  Well the techniques and inner mechanisms that make up a watch is quite a intricate process and requires an in-depth knowledge about the working mechanisms. Well the most basic mechanism that guides the working of a watch is the movement of the watch. It might be wither mechanical or Quartz. When we look at an overall outer perspective of a watch most of the people prefer a mechanical one due to its advanced technology and designing. But Quartz watches are not any less and are often more accurate. Also quartz watches are cheaper when compared to mechanical watches.

A cheap watch doesn’t mean that it has a lower quality, in fact the major share of the price of the premium watches are for its brand. The truth is that you can get the same quality at lesser rates from the affiliate productions of the same company.

Having seen the pricing and the brand quality factors of the watches, it is also equally important to understand the maintenance of the precious timepiece that one purchases. Just because you have spent a huge sum of money on your watch, that doesn’t mean that it comes as maintenance free. The fact is that you will have to give it extra care. It is mandatory to service your watch once in three years to maintain it in perfect shape both internally and externally.

Storing your watch is very important, just as you would store your precious stone studded jewellery, you should wrap your watch in a soft cloth and store it to maintain the shine and avoid scratches. Don’t always test the capacity of the watch, just because it is shock proof it doesn’t mean that you can drop it and being water resistant doesn’t mean that you will have to immerse it into water. All this proof and resistance is for very mild situations. Clean the bracelet of the watch with a soft brush to avoid dirt deposits.  A wise choice and a careful maintenance will let you feel proud of the watch you have purchased and also make your investment a worthy one.


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